myBad Studios started back in 2008 when I created my first game and it immediately hit the top of the charts. When I say immediately, I mean I submitted the game at 2 AM, went to bed and when I got back to my Mac at 7 AM I found an email from my ISP informing me that my account had been suspended for excessive bandwidth usage. After I paid the fee to increase my bandwidth allocation, I found my game ranked number 1 under staff picked games for the Mac Dashboard and later discovered I had already exceeded my bandwidth by 650% before my ISP shut me down… 2 days later I was shut down again so I had to move the download elsewhere. I have been making assets and doing freelance work ever since so, in 2011, I quit my job and officially formed myBad Studios. I have been working as a full time freelancer and middleware author ever since. I’ve been coding for over 2 decades now and nearly 10 years of that has been dedicated to developing for Unity.