How to Use:

FTADirect is an innovative Crypto Crowd Funding which is 100% assured of achieving any goal. The Contest for each crypto coin is completed at the end of the one week term.

The more you donate the more tickets you will receive, the more chances are you will be able to aggiudicate the contest.

For example:
donating 0.00010000 satoshi (BTC / LTC / DASH etc) you will receive 10000 tickets increasing the percentage of victory.

Percentages and achievement:
We hypothesize that Marco has received 30,000 Tickets (value 0.00030000) while Mattew has 120.000 (value 0.00120000) on a total of 1,100,000 tickets acquired by all the participating users.

The victory will be paid to the user automatically and randomly:
Marco has 2.27% approx. of the chances of winning the Contest while Mattew, who believes more, with his donations received more Tickets that guarantee him 10.90% approx. of probability.

In order not to lose track of each Contest, directly in your dashboard you will see your chances updated to win one or more Crowd Funding in which you participated.

Minimum Goal Contest

2.5 LTC

3.0 ETH

0.5 BTC

2.0 DASH

1.5 XMR

100.0 XRP

1.0 ZEC

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