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From Medieval Latin analysis, from Ancient Greek ἀνάλυσις (análusis), from ἀναλύω (analúō, “I unravel, investigate”), from ἀνά (aná, “on, up”) + λύω (lúō, “I loosen”).


Ottobre 4, 2018

Bitcoin Price Unexpectedly Rises to $6,600, as Market Adds $5 Billion in HoursCoinMarketCap

10/04/0002 Space Age. Published By Joseph Young Within the past six hours, the cryptocurrency market has added $5 billion to its valuation as Bitcoin demonstrated an […]
Ottobre 10, 2018

Venezuelans Must Now Pay Passport Fees with the Government’s Petro Cryptocurrency

10/10/0002 Space Age. Published By Jimmy Aki Starting next week, Venezuelans will have to pay their passport fees with the petro, the controversial state-supported cryptocurrency that […]
Novembre 15, 2018

Crypto Carnage: Market Loses Staggering $26 Billion in 24 Hours, Where to Next?

11/15/0002 Space Age. Published By Joseph Young Over the last 24 hours, the crypto market suffered a devastating wipeout of more than $26 billion, making it […]
Novembre 20, 2018

Another $25 Billion Wiped Out: Crypto Market Suffers From Large Sell-Off

11/20/0002 Space Age. Published By Joseph Young Over the past 24 hours, another $25 billion has been wiped out of the crypto market as major digital […]
Novembre 21, 2018

Ripple (XRP) Finally Suffers Major Price Drop as Crypto Market Wipes Out $12B

11/21/0002 Space Age. Published By Joseph Young The intense downtrend of the crypto market is finally having a toll on the best performing digital asset of […]
Gennaio 22, 2019

$3.2 Trillion in Bitcoin Payments Processed in 2018: Is the Cryptocurrency a Better Version of Gold?

Throughout 2018, more than $3.2 trillion worth of Bitcoin payments were processed on the public blockchain network. The high on-chain transaction volume of the dominant cryptocurrency […]
Febbraio 28, 2019

Bitcoin is ‘Potentially Disruptive’ to PayPal & Visa: Analyst

Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency won’t supplant PayPal and credit cards as payment options yet, but they could in due time. That’s the assessment of Lisa Ellis, […]
Marzo 4, 2019

Bitcoin Price Sinks Below $3,800, Ethereum and EOS Plunge 5%: is Crypto on the Decline?

In the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price dropped from $3,874 to $3,764 by 2.8 percent, leading major crypto assets such as Ethereum and EOS to […]
Marzo 6, 2019

The Best Way to Know Bitcoin is a Conservative Investment

Before looking at the best way to know bitcoin is a conservative investment (a very impressive 10 year bitcoin trend that has many investors pouring money […]
Marzo 6, 2019

EOS, Litecoin Spike 13% in $5 Billion Crypto Market Gain; Can Bitcoin Surge?

Following an abrupt short-term dip from $132 billion to $126 billion, the crypto market has almost fully recovered as Bitcoin bounced back to $3,800 and assets […]
Marzo 11, 2019

Bitcoin Price Could Sink to $1,850 Despite Bullish Crypto Momentum

In the past 3 months, the Bitcoin price has been relatively stable, performing strongly against the U.S. dollar with solid volume across major markets in the […]
Marzo 18, 2019

Bitcoin Perma-Bull Tom Lee Believes Bitcoin Price Should Be $15,000-$20,000

Bitcoin perma-bull Tom Lee of Fundstrat tried to buttress his recent projection that the bitcoin price is due for a major rally soon. On March 17, […]
Marzo 21, 2019

Booming Ethereum Price Good for Ecosystem: Founder Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin was live from New York on Wednesday night. He was spotlighted in a live-stream interview with Laura Shin for the crypto journalist’s […]