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WTF is FTADirect?

FTADirect is a revolutionary way to donate and develop crowdfunding, created from cryptocurrencies fanatics for all the crypto maniacs in the world!

The Project:

Our project will be realized with the creation of a new dedicated cryptocurrency (Direct). But, unlike the more well known ICOs that promise extraordinary but random and highly speculative projects, for us the first fundamental requirement is the acquisition of credibility. No dream white paper, no fantastic road map, no closed box funding presented ahead of time. Our intention is to finance us in an alternative way thanks to this website, rewarding our supporters on a weekly basis following the philosophy of the objectives as in crowdfunding, increasing information and contacts to grow the world of cryptocurrencies and create healthy entertainment. Only when we have a solid base will we propose a well-developed plan and we will present our complete idea point by point: concrete, feasible and practicable from the first moment. Not a common ICO (initial coin offering), but a more credible review, like FTA (finalize token accessing) guaranteeing a real achievement of the objective: the Cryptofunding with the FTAD currency.

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