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What is a company that accept bitcoin?

As you know, every day the acceptance of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies increases. The world of cryprocurrencies is constantly growing and today it is possible to find companies that accept bitcoins as a payment method. Here on our site you will always have updated stores, divided into categories to always find what you are looking for. We are the largest portal that contains all these stores, so don\’t waste any more time, take a look at all this and support our work by sharing this page. The FTADirect team thanks you.

Companies all over the world that accept Bitcoin and Alt Coin.

where you can buy


Free Time

Gyms, sports centers, competitions, rental and sale of sports equipment.


Food and drink

Restaurants, fast food, pubs, bars, meals, beverage, drinks, cocktails, pizzerias.


Books and Audible

Children’s Books, Magazines, Textbooks, Textbook Rentals, Sell Us Your Books, Student, Audible Audiobooks.


Art and collection

Paintings, sculptures, frescoes, sketches, caricatures, mosaics, historical coins, stamps, cards.


Events live

Concerts, shows, cinema tickets, theater, exhibitions and museums, sporting events.


Finance and invest

Assets, conversion, provision of funds, taxes, financial markets, investors, intermediaries, economic resources, credit cards.


Cars and motorcycles

Trucks, work machines, accessories, wheels, tires, suspensions, headlights, customization, engine, muffler, intercooler radiator, gearbox, HP CV, adhesives, repairs, oil, brakes, MOT.


Travel and hotel

Excursions, trips, boat tickets, train tickets, airline tickets, bus tickets, metropolitan tickets, hotels and B & B, guesthouses, motels, hotels, campsites, tracking, tour operators, travel agencies.


Hardware and Software

Components for computers, audio and lighting, programs, home appliances, telephones and televisions, stereos and hi-fi, alarms and video cameras.


Health and wellness

Clubs, saunas, SPA, massage and wellness center.


Men’s and women’s clothing

Pants, skirts, shoes, ties, underwear, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, jackets, jeans, gloves, clothes for ceremonies.


Work and freelance

Work, freelance, profession, labor, work from home, commissioned work, recruitment.


Home Accessories and furniture

Shop by room, rugs, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen & dining room furniture, home office furniture, kids’ furniture, entryway furniture.


Charity and nonprofit

Donation, support, non-profit, help, fundraising.



Support services, advertising services.


Jewels and precious

Precious: watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, gold, silver.


Other and Multistore

Original and unique services not listed.

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▶ Reliability: you can directly visit the store\’s website and contact the shopkeeper.

▶ Assistence: efficent seller support system with a dedicated team.