FTADirect F.A.Q.

1How does the FTADirect work?
Direct FTA is an extremely simple site, as shown in the demonstration video. Just register, choose the encrypted currency with which to participate in the tender, insert your portfolio to allow the opportunity to donate and receive in case of award of the contest in question.
2Is there a minimum of investment? Which currencies do you accept?
Unlike other sites, FTADirect allows you to donate as much as you want without a minimum basic investment. The donated amount is converted into tickets: for example, even a single satoshi can be donated. Only your personal wallet, obviously, has fees to transactions sending.
3How much time passes between one contest and another?
The contests are weekly.
4Are there any risks?
If the few simple rules are strictly respected, there is no risk whatsoever. We can boast of being different from any other site: not generating wallets for each user as happens to the vast majority of portals, there is no risk of seeing their crypto coins disappear from their account. FTADirect as named, is direct! The donations start from your personal wallet. The site is a simple connect tool!
5Which fees holds the site?
The fee on the total funding is 10% approximaly divided as follows: 1% for managing each transaction 4% for site management 4% for payments to site managers. 1% for the assignment of the contest and the sending to the user. All this is automatically calculated! The total, will be show ALWAYS in your dashboard with the deductions already included. You will not see any surprise as the reduction of the number of tickets for each donation or further deductions of a funding once assigned.
6How can I win the Crypto funding? Do I have a victory percentage?
The percentage is always updated based on the total donations of the contests and is always visible on your dashboard.
7There is a minimum withdrawal?
No. the contest are assigned to the randomly selected user. It is absolutely impossible to have a residual balance on the FTADirect site, as there is no online wallet.
8Is there a minimum goal for each cryptocontest?
If you have won the contest, you'll be allowed to cash-in the amount of the funding ONLY complied with the requested minimum goal for that funding by the contest expiration time! If the contest failed to meet such requirement, ALL THE AMOUNT will be add to the following week contest.
9How do I receive the prize if I win?
In case of winning the user will have to confirm that mail reception. Then, be careful: don't change your wallet address when in close proximity of the contest's expiration time, nor immediately after and before you get your prize: that could result in troubling the payment. If you fail in answering our confirmation mail within 48 hours, the HALF AMOUNT will be add to the following contest in progress.
10Can I reinvest what has been assigned to me?
Once the contest is awarded, the entire funding will be sent to the user wallet. The entire amount will then become his property. The user can then use them as he wishes without limits.
11Are there any bonuses?
At the moment there is no type of bonus available. The user will be updated if this availability will be introduced.
12Why choose ftadirect?
FTADirect is an innovative Crypto Funding, it is aimed at users, takes advantage of the most famous cryptocurrencies and will add others, following the users' preference in the survey. It is not an online wallet with the risk of losing its cryptocurrencies if hakered. It's simple and intuitive!
13I don't have cryptocurrency, can I still participate? If so, how?
FTADirect uses only Crypto Currency. For those who are new we can recommend some sites or apps outside the FTADirects site, with which you can buy / convert. Being external sites, we not assume responsibility. If you have problems, you must contact the persons of that specific site.
14Who are the founders of the web site FTADirect?
The "Guppo Nakoma" is a new and small Italian start-up, we work on the web and create sites and applications. You can visit us at http://www.grupponakoma.info.
15What technology is there in FTADirect?
The FTADirect platform is developed through CMS (WordPress) which guarantees reliability and security. The site is developed to be compatible with all devices thanks to the use of a "responsive" theme (which fits all resolutions and all the most used browsers). We take advantage of the latest programming technologies (html5 css3 php jquery) and our databases are managed with encrypted data, fast (CPU 2 vCores Intel Xeon) and secure (encrypted transfer of data of our users, according to the latest security standards thanks to the SSL certificate). Finally, the http / 2 protocol accelerates the reaction time to the server.